The third release of the Booster series (Booster I – VII)

The Booster series supposed to be a musical side reflection - a hidden TD landmark not aimed for a TD mainstream success. But sometimes things were turned upside down. The whole cupdisc idea which now became a short note musical diary format plus some extras released on the two previous Booster volumes provoked such an enthusiastic reaction that you will have the chance now to experience the third part of this series. It will follow the same philosophy like you know it from Booster I+II. Some tracks you will be familiar with, others are completely fresh from the recording desk here in Vienna. It truly will become one of your most enjoyable travel companion in your car, on your I-pod, mobile or whatever you prefer storing a piece of timeless music on.

PS: Booster Vol. III contains 7 so far unreleased tracks: totally new ones or re-recorded or re-mixed ones - just open your ears for some new sounds!



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Release dateDecember 7, 2009
Playing time2:25:14
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling

Tracklist CD1

02.Morning Star00:05:04
03.The Dance Without Dancers00:05:39
04.Sunshift (Moonmother's Mix)00:07:15
05.The Unknown Is The Truth00:07:30
07.Astrophel and Stella (String Version)00:04:52
08.Sound Of A Shell00:06:42
09.The Moondog Connection00:03:58
10.Lord Nelson00:05:08
11.Remote Viewing 200900:08:15

Tracklist CD2

01.The Halloween Cast (Rolling The World's Pumpkin Part I)00:08:45
02.Kiev Mission (Remake 2009)00:07:58
03.Synth Affection00:04:26
06.Two Drunken Angels At Trafalgar Square00:06:17
07.Key Moment00:05:04
08.The Angel Of The West Window00:07:00
09.Romantic Vision (Part II Of Das Romantische Opfer)00:07:07
10.Romantic Power (Part I Of Das Romantische Opfer)00:07:25
11.Ayumi's Loom00:03:44
Depending upon the medium, the indicated tracklist will vary in certain details.