'Rocking Out The Bats' concert in Berlin on August 30, 2009. The concert was part of the 'Citadel Music Festival'.

A beautiful warm late summer night it was when five musicians started one of their maybe most remarkable outdoor concerts in the City of Berlin. The so-called 'Zitadelle' in the Spandau district of Berlin is more than historic in many ways. Apart from the political heritage and burdens it is also the home of thousands of bats – one of the largest community of these creatures in Europe. Within the very old walls and niches of the building they live a very WWF protected life. Therefore the band had to except a curfew by 10 pm which was rather sad because they had a lot more to say musically. But nevertheless it has been a breathtaking event for those who could attend. On this DVD you will see the whole show and some extras behind the scenes, sometimes with a laugh and sometimes with an ironic attitude. 



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StatusLive Album
Recording dateAugust 30, 2009
Release dateDecember 7, 2009
Playing time02:44:27
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger
No. of Discs1 DVD (Double Layer) PAL
StatusLive Performance 2009
Audio5.1 Surround


01.Kiev Mission (Remake 2009) [2009 live version]00:07:59
02.Beyond The Cottage And The Lake [2009 live version]00:04:24
03.No Man's Land [2009 live version]00:06:39
04.Lady Monk [2009 live version]00:04:48
05.Transition [2009 live version]00:06:46
06.Astrophel And Stella (String Version) [2009 live version]00:06:49
07.Leviathan [2009 live version]00:06:58
08.Sally's Garden [2009 live version]00:05:58
09.Serpent Magique [2009 live version]00:05:22
10.Ayumi's Loom [2009 live version]00:05:41
11.Sphinx Lightning [2009 live version]00:05:57
12.Midwinter Night [2009 live version]00:07:12
13.Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit [2009 live version]00:09:18
14.Logos 2009 [2009 live version]00:07:10
15.Fire On The Mountain [2009 live version]00:07:43
16.One Night In Space [2009 live version]00:06:50
17.Trauma [2009 live version]00:14:24


18.Blue Bridge [2009 live version]00:04:49
19.Cloudburst Flight 2008 [2009 live version]00:08:36
20.Atlas Eyes [2009 live version]00:04:22
21.Dolphin Dance [2009 live version, wrongly titled Scuba Scuba 2008]00:07:53
22.Credits [via menu]00:01:30

Bonus clips

23.The Backstage Files00:05:35
24.Driving With A Teddybear00:04:18
25.The Spa-Camaa Connection00:07:26
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