Live recording from the Coliseum theatre in Lisbon, March 25, 2010.

After a very strange live cello quartet performance followed by a suddenly ’wiped out’ opening with Linda playing an outstanding grand piano solo, you´ll hear what TD stands for after more than four decades: the style, the sound, the compositions. Here – once more – you can witness why this band is original and incomparable – just ´in it´ for the art of timeless music. Set yourself free from your daily routines and join for more than a three hours’ travel to your landscapes of imagination.

By the way, those who joined the Zeitgeist Concert in the London Royal Albert Hall in April 2010 will be happy to get at least a video from the Lisbon show as it was nearly the same show except from three tracks which were only performed in Lisbon (Therefore the band had to miss out the second Encore which you had in London...). So enjoy this unusual sonic and visual testimony of time!



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StatusLive Album, DVD
Recording dateMarch 25, 2010
Release dateDecember 10, 2010
Playing time03:15:10
All Music byEdgar Froese
No. of Discs1 DVD (Double Layer) PAL
StatusLive Performance 2010
Audio5.1 Surround


01.Cello Opening
02.Broken Feather (Piano Improvisation)
03.Rubycon 2010
04.Phaedra 2005
05.Stratosfear '95
06.Kiev Mission 2009
07.Song Of The Whale 2010
08.No Man's Land 2008
09.Poland 2009
10.Dream Puzzle
11.Ayumi's Loom
12.Cloudburst Flight 2008
13.Order Of The Ginger Guild
14.Warsaw In The Sun 2007
15.Cinnamon Road 2008
16.Death Of A Nightingale
17.Alchemy Of The Heart
18.Astrophel + Stella (String Version)
19.Oracular World
22.The Halloween Cast (Rolling The World's Pumpkin Part I)
23.Exit 2009
24.Carmel Calif
25.Daughters Of Time
26.Two Drunken Angels On Trafalgar Square
27.Boat To China
28.Bells Of Accra


31.Jungle Voice (Iris' Vocal Solo)
32.Logos Part I 2008
33.One Night In Space

+ Bonus Clip

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