'Probe 6-8' is the band's preview to their upcoming album in February 2022, the second studio album after the passing of the founder Edgar Froese.

For the first time in decades, Tangerine Dream’s tracks can not exactly be re-created for a live performance. An EP, which was not meant to be performed live, as a direct response to the many canceled shows of the last months. 

Classic studio productions and late night real time compositions became the blueprint for slowly evolving ambient structures. The band’s sequencer driven sound in the tradition of the early '70s work was combined with lush 1980s crystalline bliss. Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane and Paul Frick composed and produced with full access to Edgar Froese’s Cubase arrangements and Otari Tape Archive with recordings from 1977 – 2013. 

This EP also contains two remixes: Berlin-based composer and producer Grand River (Aimée Portioli) gave 'Raum' her signature sound. 'Contiunuum' was remixed by Berghain resident and Leisure System co-founder Sam Barker, who harnesses kick-less ambient techno since his praised 2019 debut album 'Utility'.


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StatusStudio Album
Recording date2020 - 2021
Release dateNovember 4, 2021
Playing time00:40:05
Composed byEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, Paul Frick
Remixes byGrand River (Track 4) & Sam Barker (Track 5)

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05. Continuum - Barker RemixMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:05:50 add to cart€ 1.39
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