This is the first album compiled by Bianca Froese-Acquaye (Edgar Froese's wife) after the passing of her husband on January 20, 2015.

Edgar's music means the world to her - and especially the tracks of this collection. OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of her ways to honour her husband for his huge life work. She added a very personal 12-page booklet to it and ONE so far unreleased track by Edgar: GANYMEDE'S KISS.

Of course this small collection can only reflect a tiny part of Edgar's musical legacy, but it definitely spreads a special, sublime atmosphere - in memory of Edgar Froese and his impressive works.



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Release dateDecember 14, 2015
Playing time01:16:42
Colororange vinyl discs
Released byIHM (Invisible Hands Music)


01.Passing All Signs00:06:13
02.The Red Blood Connection00:04:49
03.Vision Of The Blue Birds00:08:39
05.Oracular World00:04:42
06.Fay Bewitching The Moon00:10:59
07.Ganymede´s Kiss00:04:46
08.La Vision00:12:21
09.The Bleeding Angel00:03:56
10.Huckebee´s Dream00:10:46
Depending upon the medium, the indicated tracklist will vary in certain details.