RECURRING DREAMS contains music of a magical combination of old and new.

Well-known and very popular TD tracks appear in new and exciting sound dresses, truly a joy for your ears. But listen yourself to the fresh arrangements by the current line-up! It seems as if the timelessnes of Tangerine Dream's music has been revoked by the presence of the future.

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Tangerine Dream - Recurring Dreams (2019)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateDecember 10, 2019
Playing time01:18:26
All Music byEdgar Froese, Christopher Franke, Peter Baumann, Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss, Hoshiko Yamane

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01. Sequent C´ 2019FLAC track 00:02:26 add to cart€ 1.29
02. Monolight (Yellow Part) 2019FLAC track 00:07:42 add to cart€ 2.59
03. Tangram 2019 (Excerpt)FLAC track 00:05:45 add to cart€ 1.29
04. Horizon 2019 Part 1FLAC track 00:06:37 add to cart€ 1.29
05. Horizon 2019 Part 2FLAC track 00:07:10 add to cart€ 1.29
06. Phaedra 2014FLAC track 00:08:16 add to cart€ 2.59
07. Los Santos City MapFLAC track 00:07:26 add to cart€ 2.59
08. The Claymore Mine/StalkingFLAC track 00:05:40 add to cart€ 2.59
09. Yellowstone Park 2019FLAC track 00:06:36 add to cart€ 1.29
10. Stratosfear 2019FLAC track 00:11:35 add to cart€ 2.59
11. Der Mond ist aufgegangen Part 1 & Part 2FLAC track 00:09:07 add to cart€ 2.59
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