Live set from of Inauguration Ceremony of the Paul Wunderlich Museum in Eberswalde near Berlin.

The 'Orange Odyssey' DVD is the complete live set TD performed Open Air on July 1st for the Inauguration Ceremony of the Paul Wunderlich Museum in Eberswalde near Berlin. You’ll see TD full of passion, strength and lady power. The very interesting merging of music, generic lights and full laser program has made this performance to a quite outstanding experience for those who could attend the concert. Especially for TD's diehard brigade it's a meal deluxe and hardly comparable to other moving pics from orange dreamland. Did you ever hear about the effectiveness of acoustic amphetamines – here you have it!



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StatusLive Album
Recording dateJuly 1, 2007
Release dateOctober 8, 2007
Playing time01:55:32
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Thorsten Quaeschning


01.Girl On The Stairs [2007 live version]00:03:48
02.Storm Seekers [2007 live version]00:05:17
03.Cool Shibuya [2007 live version]00:03:38
04.Rare Bird [2007 live version]00:04:14
05.Warszaw In The Sun [2007 live version]00:04:19
06.Hyper Sphinx [2007 live version of Section 4 and 5]00:04:50
07.Midwinter Night [2007 live version]00:04:39
08.Mothers Of Rain [2007 live version]00:05:04
09.Lady Monk [2007 live version]00:05:02
11.Song Of The Whale [2007 live version]00:05:16
12.Living In A Fountain Pen [2007 live version]00:06:37
13.Russian Soul [2007 live version]00:04:44
14.Logos [2007 live version]00:05:21
15.Streethawk [2007 live version]00:02:51
16.Story Of The Brave [2007 live version]00:05:19
17.Midnight Trail [2007 live version]00:04:14
18.Dominion [2007 live version]00:05:15
19.Stratosfear [2007 live version]00:09:13
20.Bells Of Accra [2007 live version]00:15:09
21.Purple Haze [2007 live version]00:03:16
22.House Of The Rising Sun [2007 live version]00:06:12
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