Reworked version of various existing tracks, merged together with ambient jungle sounds, this album was produced on 'public demand'.


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Tangerine Dream - Ambient Monkeys (1997 / 1999)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateApril 1, 1997
Playing time00:45:36
All Music byEdgar Froese, Jerome Froese, J.S. Bach, G.F. Händel, W.A. Mozart


01.Token From Birdland (1997 remix)00:05:59
02.Symphony In A Minor00:03:26
03.The Seventh Propeller Of Silence00:03:51
04.Calyx Calamander00:04:41
05.Riddle Of The Monkey Tribe00:03:42
06.Moon Marble00:03:32
07.Concerto In A-Major / Adagio00:01:46
08.Lemon Vendor Khaly00:03:37
09.Campera De Mon Glyan00:04:47
10.Virtue Is Its Own Reward00:03:10
11.Pantha Rhei00:03:15
12.Myopia World00:03:46
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