This score was composed for a documentary video on the Grand Canyon. TD received its first Grammy nomination with Canyon Dreams.

'The style is a rather ingenious combination of the group's progressive style and current commercial leanings, and, as such, is Tangerine Dream's finest album of recent years.'
– All Music


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Tangerine Dream - Canyon Dreams (1986/1991)


StatusFilm Score
Release dateJanuary 1, 1991
Playing time00:45:22
All Music byEdgar Froese, Christopher Franke, Paul Haslinger


01.Shadow Flyer00:05:45
02.Canyon Carver00:04:19
03.Water's Gift00:05:26
04.Canyon Voices00:04:27
05.Sudden Revelation00:04:47
06.A Matter of Time00:08:55
07.Purple Nightfall00:02:07
08.Colorado Dawn00:04:27
09.Rocky Mountain Hawk00:05:05
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