As Edgar was a huge fan of R. W. Fassbinder's cinematographic work, he had finally the chance to collaborate with this moving pic genius.

Fassbinder's last work was the leading role as an actor in "Kamikaze 1989". He died from an "overdose of life" shortly after the movie had been released. The score is Edgar's solo composition performed back in 1982. It's his tribute to a great director and actor. The score is partly re-recorded.


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Edgar Froese - Kamikaze 1989 © Eastgate


StatusStudio Album
Recording date1982
Release dateJune 29, 2007
Playing time00:37:56
All Music byEdgar W. Froese

Tracklist CD1

02.Police Disco00:04:53
03.Snake Bath00:02:36
04.Unexpected Death00:02:53
07.Police Therapy Center00:02:36
08.Vitamin C00:02:15
09.Flying Kamikaze00:04:01
10.Tower Block00:03:34
11.The 31st Floor00:02:10
12.Blue Panther00:03:13
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