September 8, 2016 - the open air live concert of Tangerine Dream at the amphitheatre Augusta Raurica in Switzerland (close to the city Basel) was one of the first concerts TD performed after the death of Edgar Froese, head and founder of TD.

The beautiful sight surrounded by an ancient Roman village, the fantastic ancient amphitheatre created a very special atmosphere for the magic music. Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane performed a great collection of classic TD tracks that night. Enjoy a contemporary document of Tangerine Dream's musical output. In commemoration of Edgar.


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StatusLive-DVD & Audio-CD
Recording dateSeptember 8, 2016 at Augusta Raurica Amphitheatre, Basel, Switzerland
Release dateMarch 22, 2019
Playing time02:18:48 (2x, both video and audio)
Thorsten QuaeschningSynthesizer, Piano, Electric Guitar, Sequencer
Ulrich SchnaussSynthesizer, Ableton Live, Sequencer
Hoshiko YamaneViolin, Ableton Live
Produced byEASTGATE MUSIC & ARTS 2019, Bianca Froese-Acquaye

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01. Mothers Of RainFLAC track 00:06:32 add to cart€ 1.29
02. LogosFLAC track 00:06:09 add to cart€ 1.29
03. Genesis Of Precious ThoughtsFLAC track 00:10:32 add to cart€ 2.59
04. Power Of The Rainbow SerpentFLAC track 00:07:47 add to cart€ 2.59
05. Proton BonfireFLAC track 00:08:05 add to cart€ 2.59
06. Second GravityFLAC track 00:09:39 add to cart€ 2.59
07. MadagasmalaFLAC track 00:07:14 add to cart€ 2.59
08. Love On A Real TrainFLAC track 00:06:24 add to cart€ 1.29
09. Dolphin DanceFLAC track 00:05:05 add to cart€ 1.29
10. Kiew MissionFLAC track 00:06:08 add to cart€ 1.29
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02. White EagleFLAC track 00:05:24 add to cart€ 1.29
03. RicochetFLAC track 00:07:10 add to cart€ 1.29
04. Sorcerer ThemeFLAC track 00:05:41 add to cart€ 1.29
05. Mirage Of RealityFLAC track 00:09:24 add to cart€ 2.59
06. Song Of The WhaleFLAC track 00:09:38 add to cart€ 2.59
07. The Silver Boots Of Bartlett GreenFLAC track 00:07:33 add to cart€ 1.29
08. Closing WordsFLAC track 00:02:46 add to cart€ 0.00
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