There is a hidden secret behind this unfinished story of Franz Kafka.

'The Castle' is never meant to be a building as we would expect it. Kafka goes further, much further. The story of 'The Castle' follows a deeper study of mankind and society and is maybe one of the most challenging projects TD came up with. So take a ticket to ride and enjoy the musical atmosphere soon.

The Album 'Franz Kafka - The Castle' was part of the trilogy of the project 'K' at the Fondazione Prada in Milan from Feb 21 to October 25, 2020 - a unique sound installation.


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Tangerine Dream - Kafka - The Castle (2013)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateMarch 1, 2014
Playing time01:08:48
All Music byEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning

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01. Approaching Snowy VillageFLAC track 00:08:15 add to cart€ 2.59
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03. The Untouchable CastleFLAC track 00:05:51 add to cart€ 2.59
04. The Apparently Lunatic HierarchyFLAC track 00:04:35 add to cart€ 2.59
05. Barnabas the MessengerFLAC track 00:07:42 add to cart€ 2.59
06. Irredeemable EntityFLAC track 00:07:51 add to cart€ 2.59
07. The Implicit Will to Meet KlammFLAC track 00:07:08 add to cart€ 2.59
08. Desperate Neverending LongingFLAC track 00:07:32 add to cart€ 2.59
09. Surrender and AdaptionFLAC track 00:07:12 add to cart€ 2.59
10. A Place of MercyFLAC track 00:06:09 add to cart€ 2.59
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