Machu Picchu at first was never meant to be released. Edgar Froese dedicated it to John Peel who passed away in Cusco, Peru in 2004. The BBC Radio DJ was one of the earliest supporters of the group and introduced TD to the UK audience in the early 1970s.

‘Machu Picchu’ is one of those more intimate projects by TD – not planned for a release during the composing and recording process. It used to be an homage to a man who – like no other person in the business – had ‘created’ TD´s career from a distance, believing in their talent and extraordinary skills, his name was John Peel. The background story and atmospheric influence of this one-piece- 42-minutes- composition, came to life after this music driven character and longtime BBC progressive pioneer passed away in October 2004 in the city of Cusco (Peru) close to the sacred Inca site ‘Machu Picchu’. Our fans should understand that this CD is more than just another record, it is a non-verbal applause, a greeting, a respectful obeisance for a man who truly was remarkable and unique in the best sense of this word.

Edgar didn't want to release these compositions in the first place – “I’ve made them for my own”, he said. But as years passed by, his wife argued with him about his decision, ´this music in your vaults makes no sense for anybody except being part of your own history – one day, to be polite´. So, about two month ago Edgar gave in, and here it is, maybe another one of TD's most private attempts within their enormous musical outputs. 



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StatusStudio Album
Release dateMarch 19, 2012
Playing time00:45:17
All Music byEdgar Froese


01.Caminos Del Inca00:10:00
02.Machu Picchu00:05:32
03.Adiós A Cusco00:08:08
04.Tayta Inti00:07:26
05.Rio Urubamba00:05:56
06.La Piedra Intihuatana00:08:14
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