The sixth release of the Booster series (Booster I – VII)

The Booster Series have already become a solid project within the Eastgate releases once a year. On Booster VI you will find the best of both worlds again, some well-known marbles from the newer catalogue as well as a selection of brand new titles not released anywhere else. Some titles will for sure really grab your attention. So as a member of the worldwide TD family we will take you again to some places where you just enjoy yourself within the luxury of your individual phantasy.


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Release dateDecember 10, 2013
Playing time02:29:58

Tracklist CD 1

01.Convention Of The 2400:09:26
02.Asheville Sunrise00:08:35
03.Ancient Powerplant00:04:28
04.Season Of The Birds00:05:28
05.Finnegans Excessive Wake00:08:13
06.Sahara Storm00:05:14
07.The Velvet Meridian00:06:10
08.Sphinx Red Lightning00:04:57
09.Dream Catcher00:07:02
10.Twilight In Abidjan00:04:52
11.Agony Of Suspense00:06:02
12.Sibirian Lights00:04:02

Tracklist CD 2

01.Betrayal 2013 (Sorcerer Theme)00:06:31
02.Weird Village00:03:25
03.The Warring Forces Of The Twins00:04:33
04.The Crystal Ship00:05:29
05.Rain Forest00:02:38
06.The Dangerous Mile00:05:43
07.Mothers Of Rain00:05:16
08.Pier 54 201300:05:41
10.Voices From A Common Land00:04:08
11.Marrakesh 201300:08:15
12.The Silver Seal00:03:10
15.Puer Natus Est Nobis00:03:17
Depending upon the medium, the indicated tracklist will vary in certain details.