Tangerine Dream's studio album QUANTUM GATE was due for release on September 29, 2017, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the band.

In late summer 2014, Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane began to work on what was planned to be the first album of Tangerine Dream’s Quantum Years – a new phase of the band that Edgar wanted to use to introduce a couple of substantial changes.

Consisting of himself, long term collaborator Thorsten Quaeschning (synths & musical director), violinist Hoshiko Yamane and new member Ulrich Schnauss (synths), the Quantum Years promised an updated, contemporary take on the band’s trademark sound of the 70s and 80s: sequencer-driven electronica covering a wide range of moods and atmospheres from ambient soundscapes to energetic, upbeat moments. Non-musical ideas relating to the field of quantum physics and philosophy had inspired Edgar to attempt a translation of these concepts into music.

Very sadly however Edgar passed away in early 2015 – requesting that his wife, visual artist and TD's manager for the last 15 years, Bianca Froese-Acquaye would ensure that his vision for the Quantum Years would still be realized. Throughout the last two years Quaeschning, Schnauss and Yamane therefore worked hard on achieving a result that would match Edgar's expectations – as well as the ones of TD's loyal fanbase. The compositions appearing on the album are not only based on theoretical concepts and ideas Edgar had outlined, but also on a large number of actual musical sketches that he luckily had already prepared during the initial phase of the band’s reformation process. Therefore, Quantum Gate is just as much a new beginning as it is a testament to Edgar’s never-withering inspiration and ever-flowing creativity.

'Ultimately this release proves that it was the right decision for TANGERINE DREAM to continue and somewhere at a different cosmic address, Edgar Froese will be looking down, safe in the knowledge that his musical legacy is being carefully protected.'
– The Electricity Club

'It is a fitting tribute to Edgar Froese’s vision for Tangerine Dream whilst ensuring the band can move on and forwards with its founders aims and desires at the forefront.'
– Prog Radar

'Quantum Gate is an impressive celebration of both past and future.'
– Louder SounD


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StatusStudio Album
Recording dateAugust 2014 - June 2017
Release dateSeptember 29, 2017
Playing time01:10:52
Composed byEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, Ulrich Schnauss
Edgar FroeseSynthesizer, Electric Guitar
Thorsten QuaeschningSynthesizer, Electric Guitar
Ulrich SchnaussSynthesizer
Hoshiko YamaneViolin
Musical DirectorThorsten Quaeschning
Recorded atEastgate Studios Vienna & Townsend Studio Berlin
Mixed byThorsten Quaeschning & Ulrich Schnauss
Mastering byBirgir Jón "Biggi" Birgisson, Sundlaugin Studio Reykjavik, Iceland
Vinyl ArtworkBianca Froese-Acquaye
All photosJim Rakete, except for rear sleave photo of Edgar Froese by Bianca Froese-Acquaye

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02. Roll The Seven TwiceMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:06:25 add to cart€ 0.99
03. Granular BlanketsMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:05:03 add to cart€ 0.99
04. It Is Time To Leave When Everyone Is DancingMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:06:36 add to cart€ 0.99
05. Identity Proven MatrixMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:05:18 add to cart€ 0.99
06. Non-Locality DestinationMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:10:00 add to cart€ 0.99
07. Proton BonfireMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:08:25 add to cart€ 0.99
08. Tear Down The Grey SkiesMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:06:17 add to cart€ 0.99
09. Genesis Of Precious ThoughtsMP3 track - 320 kbit/s 00:09:10 add to cart€ 0.99
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