The Ambient Highway Collection is series of original pieces, re-recordings and re-mastered tracks from his previous solo albums.

To some the Ambient Highway is mystical journey along which we journey with only our minds, dreams, aspirations and emotions as our guides.


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Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol 4


Recording date2003
Release dateAugust 1, 2003
Playing time00:59:35
All Music byEdgar W. Froese
Masteredwith DQC system

Tracklist CD1

01.Colorado Dawn00:09:15
02.Great Barrier Riff00:04:12
03.Bourbon Street Parade00:04:28
04.Descent Like a Hawk00:05:10
05.Juniper Mascara00:04:29
06.Pinnacles (part two)00:08:01
08.Metropolis (part two)00:05:44
09.South Dakota00:03:31
10.Year of the Falcon00:05:43
11.Raindrops on Black Skin00:03:55
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