A compilation of the late 80s Melrose years area.

When these songs were produced they created a lot of irritation among the die-hard TD fans. Bearing this in mind all these tracks became nevertheless one of the most popular bunch of music from the late 80s Melrose years area. Enjoy some electrifying compositions of that time!


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Tangerine Dream - The Independent Years (2009)


Recording date2009
Release dateDecember 28, 2009
Playing time01:13:06


01.Atlas Eyes00:04:09
02.The Midnight Trail00:05:50
03.Twin Soul Tribe00:04:41
04.Ruling The Waves00:04:47
06.Crystal Curfew00:05:24
07.Blue Mango Café00:04:12
08.Three Bikes In The Sky00:05:59
09.Valley Of The Kings00:05:05
10.Long Island Sunset00:06:58
12.Alaskan Summer00:03:58
13.Electric Lion00:08:13
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