This concert video shot at one of the most exciting venues in Germany will bring back memories to the strange years of experimental sounds & music in the early seventies up to todays' world of digital perfection.

Tangerine Dream now at their 40th anniversary had always a critical as well as popular recognition. Being provocative and fairly succesful at the same time had given them an alltime controversial image. They’ve always taken the freedom of choice to travel on as many musical roads as they wanted to - without losing their integrity and identity.


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StatusLive Album, DVD
Recording dateAugust 23 & 24, 2002
Release dateDecember 1, 2006
All Music by
No. of Discs1 Double Layer PAL
StatusLive Performance 2006
Audio5.1 Surround


01.Astrophel And Stella
02.Ca Va, Ca Marche, Ca Ira Encore
06.Scuba Scuba
08.Love On A Real Train
09.No Man’s Land
10.Tangram Part 1
11.Oriental Haze
12.Charly The Kid
13.The Journey
14.Warsaw In The Sun
15.The Midnight Trail
16.Girl On The Stairs
17.Atlas Eyes
19.Phaedra Of Nottingham
20.Stratosfear 95
21.Mothers Of Rain
22.Song Of The Whale Part 1
23.Blue Bridge
24.Tharsis Maneuver
25.La Libération


26.Loved By The Sun
28.Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions
30.House Of The Rising Sun
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