Continuing the great success of the 'In Search Of Hades' Box Universal Music presents this 2020 10CD Box showcasing the next chapter in this period of TANGERINE DREAM's history – 1980 to 1983!

Pilots Of Purple Twilight features newly remastered versions of the albums: Tangram, Thief, Exit, White Eagle, Logos and Hyperborea (some with Bonus tracks) and the OFFICIAL release of the unreleased soundtracks: Codename: The Soldier (movie directed by James Glickenhaus in 1982) and The Keep (directed by Michael Mann in 1983).

Pilots Of Purple Twilight also features additional PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED material across 4 Discs, including the FULL CONCERT performance of the London Dominion Theatre concert in November 1982.

In addition to this the soundtrack to Thief includes an extended promotional only version of Dr. Destructo. White Eagle features 6 BONUS TRACKS recorded for the German television crime drama series: Tatort (originally released on 12-inch single and 7-inch singles in Germany only), all of which are released for the first time on CD and digitally!

Finally, Hyperborea includes 5 BONUS TRACKS originally issued on the Virgin most popular track: Love On A Real Train.

All audio has been remastered from the original master tapes by Ben Wiseman.



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StatusStudio / Live / Soundtracks
Recording date1980–1983
Release dateOctober 16, 2020
StatusStudio / Live / Soundtracks
No. of Discs10 CD Box plus digital downloads

Tracklist CD 01 ('Tangram' – released in 1980)

01.Tangram Set 1
02.Tangram Set 2

Tracklist CD 02 ('Thief' - released in 1981)

01.Beach Theme
02.Dr. Destructo
03.Diamont Diary
04.Burning Bar
05.Beach Scene
06.Scrap Yard
07.Trap Feeling

Tracklist CD 03 ('Exit' - released in 1981)

01.Kiew Mission
02.Pilots of Purple Twilight
05.Network 23
06.Remote Viewing

Tracklist CD 04 ('White Eagle' - released in 1982)

01.Mojave Plan
02.Midnight in Tula
03.Convention of the 24
04.White Eagle
05.Das Mädchen auf der Treppe

Tracklist CD 05 ('The Soldier' soundtrack)

01.Main Titles
02.Cue #1 – variation on Logos #1
03.Cue #2 – variation on Horizon #1
04.Cue #3 – The Soldier #1
05.Cue #4 – variation on Dolphin Dance
06.Cue #5 – variation on Tangent #1
07.Cue #6 – The Soldier #2
08.Cue #7 – The Soldier #3
09.Cue #8 – The Soldier #4
10.Cue #9 – The Soldier #5
11.Cue #10 – variation on Horizon #2
12.Cue #11 – The Soldier #6
13.Cue #12 – The Soldier #7
14.Cue #13 – variation on Logos #2
15.Cue #14 – The Soldier #8
16.Cue #15 – variation on Horizon #3
17.End Titles

Tracklist CD 06 ('The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982' - track previously unreleased)

01.The Dominion Concert Part One

Tracklist CD 07 ('The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982' - all tracks previously unreleased)

01.The Dominion Concert Part Two
02.Midnight in Tula
03.White Eagle

Tracklist CD 08 ('Logos Live' - released in 1982)

01.Logos Part 1
02.Logos Part 2

Tracklist CD 09 ('Hyperborea' – released in 1983)

01.No Man's Land
03.Cinnamon Road
04.Sphinx Lightning
05.The Dream is Always the Same
06.No Future (Get off the Babysitter)
07.Guido the Killer Pimp
09.Love on a Real Train (Risky Business)

Tracklist CD 10 ('The Keep' - all tracks previously unreleased)

01.Puer Natus Est Nobis (Gloria)
02.Arx Allemand
03.Truth and Fiction
04.The Silver Seal
05.Ancient Powerplant
06.Supernatural Accomplice
07.The Challenger’s Arrival
08.Heritage Survival
09.Parallel Words
11.Voices from a Common Land
12.Wardays Sunrise
13.The Night in Romania
Depending upon the medium, the indicated tracklist will vary in certain details.