TD's performance of all 13 new songs - including a bonus song - shows the band in a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. Additionally you'll see some 'making of images' as well as a 6 minutes intro.

It is probably the most intimate and private session the band has done so far. Sit back and relax while watching parts of a very different world of Tangerine Dream’s musical universe.

This album includes a romantic bonus song and you will feel when listening to the beautiful poetic tracks how the band performed in a very cool and relaxed atmosphere.

'The late Syd Barrett still inspires reverence and awe in fans and former peers alike. This late-career album by electronic music stalwarts Tangerine Dream celebrates the man and his mad genius in a set of quietly regal songs that borrow their lyrics from classic English and American poetry. To hear a Walt Whitman ode set to Edgar Froese's melodic inventions is a thing of rare, twisted beauty indeed--like Syd Barrett himself.'
– All Music



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StatusStudio Album, DVD
Release dateAugust 1, 2007
All Music byEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning
Lyrics bySir Phillip Sidney, Dante G. Rossetti, William Blake, Edmund C. Stedman, Thomas Stanley, Walt Whitman, George Herbert, Percy B. Shelley, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Southwell etc.


02.Astrophel and Stella
03.Shape my Sin
04.The blessed Damozel
05.The Divorce
06.A Dream of Death
07.Hear the Voice
08.Lake of Pontchartrain
09.Mad Song
10.One Hour of Madness
12.Hymn to intellectual Beauty
13.Solution to all Problems
14.Burning Babe's Reality Song
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