On July 18, 2008 Tangerine Dream performed an open air concert at the Loreley Rock at the river Rhine in Germany.

At noon on July 18th, 2008 everybody was talking about umbrellas, rain coats, how to cover the laser equipment, short curcuits, a quick look into the equipments' insurance policy analysing the force majeure paragraph and some other very 'pleasant' circumstances the band had to deal with.

TD doesn't like festivals too much because of the very short time to change stage equipments, a limited performance duration and running very often into superstar ego self-performancers... But as you can watch it here on DVD we've been rather lucky. The promoter did a very professional job (rare fact!), the rain stopped in time, all gear was working perfectly - so TD enjoyed a great summer night above the river Rhine supported by a wonderful international audience. So sit down and relax while watching a TD midsummer night dream.

PS: This DVD contains a pleasurable BONUS CLIP - 'Behind The Scenes' of around 15 minutes.



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StatusLive Album
Recording dateJuly 18, 2008
Release dateDecember 15, 2008
All Music byEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger


01.One Night In Space [2008 live version]00:08:03
02.Boat To China [2008 live version]00:07:40
03.Lady Monk [2008 live version]00:04:55
04.Hyperborea Part 1 [2008 live version]00:04:42
05.Bells Of Accra [2008 live version]00:09:56
06.Cinnamon Road [2008 live version]00:04:04
07.Leviathan [2008 live version]00:06:56
08.Red Sphinx Lightning [2008 live version]00:15:26
09.Tangram 2008 - Set 1 [2008 live version]00:10:40
10.Lily On The Beach [2008 live version]00:03:14
11.Warsaw In The Sun [2008 live version]00:04:22
12.Girl On The Stairs [2008 live version]00:04:09
13.Storm Seekers [2008 live version]00:05:39
14.Fire On The Mountain [2008 live version]00:10:23


15.Modesty And Greed [2008 live version]00:07:54
16.Ayumi's Butterflies [2008 live version]00:04:53
17.Stratosfear 95 [2008 live version]00:08:56
18.Bonus (Behind the scenes clip)00:13:21
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