This album was 3 times GrammyTM nominated in 1993 and reached top ten in Billboard.

Best rock instrumental performance 'Purple Haze' 1993, best New Age album 1993, best long form music video 'Three Phase' 1993

Over 70 minutes of previously unreleased material, an outstanding live performance!


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Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt live (Release 1993)
Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt live (Release 1999)


StatusLive Album
Release dateApril 1, 2000
Playing time01:12:39
All Music byEdgar Froese, Jerome Froese


01.Oriental Haze00:06:51
02.Two Bunch Palms00:05:48
03.220 Volt00:09:01
05.Sundance Kid00:08:03
06.Backstreet Hero00:08:49
07.The Blue Bridge00:04:30
10.Purple Haze00:03:32
11.Treasure Of Innocence00:03:42
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