Maybe the most rock-oriented recording TD ever did.

Three tracks from the album have already made their first public appearance during the Frankfurt gig (at Alte Oper/"One Night In Space Concert") last year. The CD contains 10 tracks of very pulsating and energy driving material. Maybe the most rocktype oriented recording TD ever did.


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Tangerine Dream - Views from a Red Train (2008)


StatusStudio Album
Release dateApril 15, 2008
Playing time01:17:18
All Music byEdgar Froese


01.Carmel Calif00:07:32
02.Passing All Signs00:06:14
04.Hunter Shot By A Yellow Rabbit00:09:33
05.Nutshell Awakening00:06:37
06.One Night In Space00:06:55
07.Serpent Magique00:09:20
08.Lord Of The Ants00:09:40
09.Fire On The Mountain00:07:41
10.Sound Of A Shell00:06:41
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