The eastgate music shop is part of the official Tangerine Dream label eastgate music & arts.

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The eastgate music shop was founded in 2005 by Edgar Froese & his wife Bianca Froese-Acquaye and originally emerged from the band's own TDI label, which was already founded in 1995. We, the eastgate music team, would like to offer you a wide range of Tangerine Dream products and beyond. Most of the CDs, DVDs and merchandise we produce ourselves, some products (e.g. vinyls) we buy from international labels (licensees).

We have high standards in terms of the quality of our products and always try to meet them. For example, we only offer most of our shirts made of fair trade cotton. Accordingly, our prices are fair, transparent and never below value. We would be very happy if you support the band Tangerine Dream and our label by purchasing in our shop. The musicians of Tangerine Dream, among others, are directly involved in the sale of the products. Thank you in advance for your support!